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We are one of the few in Slovenia that deals only with cycling. This is because we want everyone in the company to handle the cycling business to the best of their ability. I am convinced that anyone who mixes cycling with other programs (e.g. skis, mopeds, lawn mowers, pyrotechnics, hotel management, fishing...) does not master any of them as well as he could. If this is really the case, we are forced to do so by the development of cycling itself, which is incredibly fast. I am also interested in which direction the development of cycling will go in the next years. We will certainly follow the Northern part of Europe. In our business history, we have performed service activities for several cycling clubs that are professionally engaged in cycling sports. We are suppliers of Cannondale, Specialized, Trek, Author, Focus, GT, Esperia, Torpado...
Čučkova ulica 6A, 2250 Ptuj
(+386) 02 745 01 33
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